About SkyWind


Based on experience in operating 250 different turbines within the company group of GEO, SkyWind has developed a turbine with a different perspective than the traditional wind turbines. Consequent focus of the development was to achieve low cost of energy. The total life span emphasizing of installation, operation and maintenance has been taken into account.

SkyWind Gmbh has erected a full-scale turbine, which is working according to expectations within an intensive test period.

SkyWind will develop the promissing technology also further in the direction of offshore wind.


SkyWind belongs to the GEO Group. Within this group complete service around utilizing wind energy could be served. Project development, installation, technical operation, condition monitoring, maintenance, education...one stop shop to invest in wind energy

SkyWind Turbine in Operation

  • 3.4 MW Rated Power
  • 107 m 2-Bladed Rotor
  • 135 m Hub Height
  • 6-17 rpm Rotorspeed
  • 2-Stage Planetary Gearbox
  • Integrated 3.3 kV Squirrel Cage Induction Generator